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I read an article today that talked about the science behind why people react a certain way, and how we can use it to persuade ( and not manipulate) our prospects to buy our services.

The human brain is more likely to be influenced by a potential loss than a potential gain.

So instead of saying “by using our services, we’ll be able to add X amount of value to your company every year”, more chance of a positive reply lies if a salesperson use “So currently you’re losing out on X amount of resources every year by not doing what we suggested – let us help you get that money back where it belongs.”

After all, we all are humans and our brain functions in similar ways. On one hand, you might be born talented and use such techniques naturally in order to move people in your direction.

And on the other hand, to be a successful communicator you might need knowledge of science that will show you what lies beneath the decisions people make.

Knowing such triggers can help anyone master the art of selling.

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