Content marketing Services that bring business, not just traffic.

We help early-stage B2B SaaS companies to go over
5% visitor-to-lead conversion with high-quality content.

Have you faced these problems with regular content marketing agencies?

They don’t want to be held accountable for traffic or leads generated. They just promise to give you N number of content pieces per month or year.

They publish a blog post and want you to pray for traffic to come to those posts without having a solid content distribution process.

They cannot produce advanced and specialized content that addresses the actual pain point of B2B leads.

What makes Concurate different?

Do all coffee shops sell coffee? Nah….. Starbucks sells experience


Do all soft drink companies sell beverages? Nah……. Coke sells happiness


Do all phone companies sell smartphones? Nah…….. Apple sells luxury


What are you selling?


Whatever product or services you sell, it’s your unique voice that can make or break your marketing strategy.


Because it’s not one size fits all approach – what’s worked for the top players of your domain might not work for you.


The question is – How do you identify or develop this unique voice?


This voice takes birth from the persona of the founders. It is then nurtured by the feedback from the customers.


Once you nail this voice, you reflect it in every single decision you make. Whether it’s about making business strategy or hiring people.

Believe it or not – this is the only way to ensure a successful business.


For instance: The unique voice of Starbucks is – “We are performance-driven, through the lens of humanity”. Synergistically, you can find these elements in everything they do. 


You don’t pay $8 for a coffee – you pay for the experience you get at their cafes – from wifi to chargers, to location, to long hours of sitting, etc.


Their happy baristas are a treat to watch not just on social media but in real life too.


Another important question is, how is their unique voice reflected in their marketing endeavors? Here is a little glimpse:

As your partner we take two important responsibilities:


To amplify your unique voice.


To make your voice reach a good number of probable buyers


We don’t believe in numbers, we believe in conversions!

What You’ll Get From Our Content Marketing Service?

Most content marketing agencies just write articles and share them on your social media accounts. We create your entire content marketing strategy as an extension of your marketing team.

We don’t believe in fluff. We create powerful content that makes your brand stand out, get shared and convert leads to customers.

We bring you qualified traffic by doing deep research on the content ideas that attract your target customers.

We get you traffic through paid promotions and SEO and not just publish articles and send out a few tweets or LinkedIn updates.

We help you rank faster on Google by boosting your business’s overall authority, which in turn helps in getting leads from content faster.

We help generate real conversions, i.e., leads, trial signups, sales interest for your business instead of just generating traffic.

How will you benefit?

Better Results

We have more experience, a better system to get the ground running on day 1.

Less Expensive

We do full research to find your target audience, content marketing strategy, content creation, content promotion, SEO, and measure results without any extra costs on top of our monthly fee.

No wastage of time

Finding a qualified content marketer isn’t easy; we hit the ground running on the first day because we already have a process.


Judge us by the leads/signups

Our customers judge us by the number of signups/leads and not content produced. So, we never produce fluff articles to show you that we are working.

Full Flexibility

We don’t need a 6 or 12-month contract to get started. This means less hassle for you in pausing our services at any stage.

This is how we scale your business

We will find your favorite companions

We will do extensive user persona research to list down the goals/motivation of the “fit” partners for your business. Knowing users, their motivations & their pain points will help in building user-centric content.

Set up the perfect plan & calendar

Then we do the Keyword Research and create a content calendar.

Essentially – we check your existing content and make unavoidable shifts towards more conversions.

Crafting the Best Content and Amplifying your voice

We give our best efforts to write powerful content that make your brand stand out, get shared and convert leads to customers.

Help your content travel multiple channels

We make sure that your content hangout with the target audience.

The strategy is very clear. Finding where your audience is spending time, what questions they’re asking and reach them at the right time with relevant content.

Who’s Concurate for?

You are a B2B SaaS company with initial Seed- or Series A funding. You are either working with a marketing agency but not satisfied or need experienced and affordable content marketing services.

You are an experienced professional working with a different firm who wants to start your own B2B enterprise or has already started and is looking for marketing leadership help to fulfill high growth expectations.

Companies we’ve worked with

Graphic design is the paradise of individuality, eccentricity, heresy, abnormality, hobbies and humors.

– George Santayana

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